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Swing Tongue and Weight Distributing Hitch

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  • Swing Tongue and Weight Distributing Hitch

    Are there any limitations in using a weight distributing hitch with a swing tongue in respect to the capacity of the swing joint? Should the chains be mount fore of aft of the joint?

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    I have a Ramlin tandem and when I called Ramlin early this year, they recommenced not using a WDH with a swing away tongue. They stated it puts too much stress on the hinge area. I currently don't have one, but believe that one can be used, but it should be the type with slide bars so that the surge brakes can still operate. I believe it was 'equalizer' that makes one like that.


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      A traditional wdh can work fine with surge brakes if set up with the chains aligned correctly to allow movement of the surge coupler. Pretty much all trailer manufacturers will tell you not to use a wdh with a swing tongue though.

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