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Intermittent Starting Issue on 2015 SAN 210

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  • Intermittent Starting Issue on 2015 SAN 210

    I am having intermittent starting issues on my 2015 SAN 210. Today it started up initially without any issues. About 4 hours later it doesn't start. I had this same issue multiple times in the fall before I stored it for the winter, and it seems to be getting progressively worse.

    I have tried the suggestions mentioned in other threads with related issues but I have not had any success finding the root cause.
    • Voltage: Battery Voltage reading 12.0V on the Linc Screen, new batteries that were just pulled from a trickle charger, ground wires and terminals were cleaned
    • Fuel: When I press the start button I can hear the fuel system cycle
    • Starter: Cannot hear the starter solenoid - I bench tested the relay and it is okay.
    • Kill Switch: When I toggle the kill switch I can hear the fuel system cycle
    • Neutral Safety Switch: I am unable to find it on the transmission like some other posts indicated - how can I test this?
    • Moisture: It seems to occur after a rain but I have not been able to find any signs of moisture.
    I don't know what else to do. Any guidance is appreciated, thank you.
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    Check your battery connections

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      Thank you Ian. I checked the connections again and everything looked fine.
      I am thinking it is the starter solenoid, but when I went to go check the voltage from the realy to the solenoid it started. It is tough to troubleshoot when it is not consistent.

      Open to any other suggestions. I will continue to update if I am able to make progress.