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2011 230 LINC Piggyback questions

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  • 2011 230 LINC Piggyback questions

    Friday Iím picking up a new-to-me 2011 230. It only has factory ballast so Iím already planning to add some aftermarket weight. I have 2 x 800lb bags that should will fit in the rear, a 650lb ski locker bag that I think will work, and the parts to run a piggyback system. Iím concerned about LINC v1 and getting my ballast right. From what Iíve read I canít adjust the system to make it fill or drain longer. Is there really no way to do that? If not, how do I fill the aftermarket bags? Do I just tell it to fill again after it hits 100%? Do I need to run some sort of bypass to physical switches to get the piggybacks full? This will probably make more sense when Iím in front of the boat but Iíd like to make sure thereís nothing else I need so I can do this install without having to go back for additional parts on Friday.

    And FWIW, Iíve done a ground up ballast install on my Super Sport so I understand the plumbing. I also understand the basics the piggyback method of using check valves to fill the soft bag and still prevent the tank from collapsing on drain. Itís just the LINC part of the equation (and timers in general) that are new to me. Iíd also like to eventually get rid of the rear hard tanks and run larger bags in the back but for day 1 Iíll run what I have. Are there and LINC-related concerns with getting rid of the tanks? I know on the older systems the ballast gauges would stop working but LINC doesnít have the same gauges.

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    So the ballast timers will run until the hard-tanks are full and stop there. To fill the bags, you'll need to restart the pumps and run them until they start dumping out of the overflow ports. It's not that bad, really.



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      The piggyback install for the rear bags went well. I more or less followed the wakemakers method. Restarting the pumps was easy. I didnít know the ballast control had its own buttons. I thought that was controlled by the linc screen.

      The front is trickier than I thought it would be. There is no ski locker. Thereís a screw down panel where the ski locker normally is. Can I put a bag under there? If not, is there any other in-floor option for weight up front? I just used a tsunami to fill up the bag and stuck it in the walkway yesterday but definitely want a plumbed in solution.


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        Looks like itís a no go for a center locker shaped bag. Under that panel is the hard tank. Itís kind of frustrating how much dead space there is right in the nose. Iím contemplating tossing some lead bags under there but Iím afraid Iíll never get them back out. I guess Iíll piggyback an underseat bow sack in, maybe add some lead under the front seats, and call it a day.