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More information on late-model ballast timers and functionality

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  • More information on late-model ballast timers and functionality


    I'd been meaning to ask my mechanic about this but it's tough to get his time. Today he called me and we had a good conversation about how the ballast tank pumps and timers work on these late-model boats. Here are the details:

    - There are NO LEVEL SENSORS in the tanks. None. They were always inaccurate and problematic so Nautique abandoned them.

    - There are timers which fill/drain as needed. There is no adjustment possible for the timers. The "Pro Ballast" option is only an ON/OFF toggle in the dealer's menu.

    - There is a pressure sensor in each tank that registers when the tanks are FULL. There is no corresponding sensor for it to know when they're empty.

    - Any user profile such as Back To Dock which empties the tanks will run the pumps until the timer runs out. This may or may not correspond exactly to the time the tanks actually empty. It's just a timer.

    - If a pump is started manually and set to EMPTY (outside of a profile being selected) it will run until it's manually stopped. In other words, Manual operation of the pump does not honor the timer. It'll run until you stop it.

    So here's what my mechanic recommends:

    - When filling your tanks, let them run to overflow. If the pumps stop before then, restart them until they reach overflow and stop on their own. If the pumps never stop on their own, then something is wrong with the pressure sensors.

    - When emptying your tanks, let the pumps run until they stop on their own due to the timers or they make "that sound." You all know what it is. If the gauges still show some water, ignore it. The next time you shut down and restart the LINC, they should be showing zero assuming you've selected a profile that sets the tank levels at zero.

    - Try to avoid running the pumps dry. The impellers are pretty resilient, but running them dry will shorten their lives.

    That's about it.


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    Hey Charles,

    Thanks for the great info. I've been troubleshooting a problem with my new (to me) 2016 G21 with the front ballast always reading 0% regardless of actual level. Talking with the dealer we believe it's an issue with the pressure sensor you mentioned.

    Just curious. Does your 230 have hard tanks or bags? I believe my G has bags & I'm having trouble picturing where a pressure sensor fits with them (probably not inside a bag, but I'm just guessing). Does anybody know how to get to those sensors? Hopefully it's something I can fix w/o taking the boat in.


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      The factory setup in my 230 has both. I optioned it with the Pro Ballast option which adds a 400 pound sack on top of the hard tanks on each side in the back.



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        Good info Charles . Iím facing a Ghost Fill problem early season . On both occasions early season , after having my boat docked for several hours prior to putting it in my lift before I leave the lake , I later find on my next visit that the starboard ballast is 100 % filled . I was thinking maybe the starboard impeller may be shot but it still fills and empties at the same rate as belly and portside ballast . So weird and canít figure out