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New Nautique Owner -- 2019 210 Surf Settings

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  • New Nautique Owner -- 2019 210 Surf Settings

    Super pumped. Got a 2019 nautique 210 over the winter. We have had it out surfing over the past couple weekends and it seems like the surf wave is up against back of boat and the wave pocket is super small and tough to stay in. I literally am afraid Im gonna run into the back of the boat.

    I have all factory ballast 100% full. I see a lot of people on the lake surfing a bit farther back than we do and it seems like their wave is longer than ours. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Trying to get it all figured out. I have the surf set at 3



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    We go 10.6 with all ballast full. We take just a bit out less than full from the stbd tank and use nss 2.

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      I can’t really help if you are only running factory ballast. I have 750’s plumbed into rear tanks. I fill factory 100%, starboard back 3/4 and port bag 100%. I like settings 0,0. Makes a great wave.
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        I’m not sure what they put on a 210 factory these days but it usually requires more than that to get a good wave. A Nautique 210/230 wave does start pretty much right at the back of the swim platform. The other end of the spectrum would be something like a Centurion where the wave doesn’t even start being surfable until 5 or 6 feet back. If you’re judging based on what you see other boats doing it may not be an apples to apples comparison.


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          We've had 5 210's and the wave is AWESOME! But, you need to add 750's on top of the hard tanks. If you already have pro ballast, swap out the bags and buy 750's and fittings. We usually set the speed at 10.7, NSS at 2 or 3, and full vert on trim tab. Sometimes a little extra bow weight. 75% full on starboard, 100% full on port. 100% in belly.