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    Originally posted by blueroom View Post

    As I have previously shared in other topics, the Boatmate tandem axle with XL optioned axles is lighter and rated higher than the triple axle trailer. This is only available with 15’s, which is why you see what on the surface appears to be cheaper trailer under some G23’s. In fact, it is heavier duty. It’s not the number of axles, but the combined weight rating of the axles used and weight of the trailer. We have this trailer and it is stouter, and easier to U at the ramp, than a triple. Wouldn’t’ trade it, even if the triple with 18’s looks cooler.
    Based on their info it looks like the only thing limiting the triple axle trailer is the tires... They use load range "D" tires instead of "E" when using the 15" tires. So if they used load range "E" on the triple axle it's capacity would probably be closer to 8500 lbs or more. Either way if that is the trailer they use for the Paragon you'll have less than 1000 lbs capacity on top of the dry weight before over-loading the trailer. Just in fuel alone you'll be about 500 lbs... Doesn't leave much room for gear! I do agree having an extra axle will make it harder to turn in tight surroundings compared to a dual axle trailer.

    What I find odd is they show the triple axle for the G25 with 14" tires instead of 15" effectively making it even less capacity.
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      Jeff was correct in saying that the axle rating is usually the limiting factor. Additionally, the tire rating is a limiting factor. I also would like to know if anyone has actually compared the 'Weigh safe' hitch to real world actual weight. Just curious how accurate that hitch is... I have no option really on a third axle other than the front axle's tires - I would expect to wear quicker due to drag in turns... Just my .02


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        I have many of the same concerns as others posted on this thread about trailer capacity. As I inch closer to possibly ordering a Paragon, other than $ which is stupid expensive, the trailer specs made me almost unwilling to pull the trigger due to lack of capacity. That is until I called Boatmate. I explained my concerns about capacity. I don't live on a lake, take one or two 4-6 hr trips a year, and trailer 30 min - 1 hr the rest of the time. On short trips, trailer capacity could work - but at the edge of capacity and potentially opening the door for liability issues. Long trips wouldn't work for me given everything we pack in boat to travel. The person I spoke with took down my concerns. I stated I wanted the possibility of 18" rims and 12k-13k GVWR (my daily drive is a 6.7l F350 so no tow vehicle issues). He said he would call me back shortly, and to my surprise called an hour later. Here is the information I was given:

        At the moment, tandem axle limited to 10k but something potentially in the works. He told me he thought nearly all if not all Paragon trailers ordered were triples.

        However, it will not be a problem for 12k-13k GVWR on a triple. Your dealer will specifically need to ask for this otherwise it will be standard triple axle and specs. Trailer will weigh in the range of 2100 lbs. Tires will be rated at 13,626 lbs - Nitto NT420S 255/55r18 xL (small SUV tire). It's not a win-win for everyone though. For those that require a swing away tongue, this will not be an option for the heavier capacity trailer. Additionally, reflective DOT tape is required for trailers over 10k rating leaving the factory. This is the main reason I was told current trailers are capped at 10k. A heat gun and 20 minutes will remove tape once in owner's possession if you don't like the aesthetics and aren't worried about full DOT compliance (most G trailers are already considered oversize with loading guides in place going down the road **I think** and therefore, should require an annual oversize permit which would come with possible route restrictions or simply removing guides for road travel - I'm not aware of anyone doing either of these). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this width. I haven't measured but have been told this in the past.

        Having seen the four axle trailer Boatmate made in the not distant past, I assumed meeting my specs wouldn't be a problem. In this case I believe the saying is accurate "it only takes time and $."