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G23 Boatmate Winch Upgrade

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  • G23 Boatmate Winch Upgrade

    Anyone upgrade the winch on a G23 Boatmate to the Fulton F2 winch? I wouldn't mind just a little more torque for that final bump up over the roller to get the G positioned correctly in some situations. I noticed Jeff had something similar on his new trailer.

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    Yes I put the Fulton 2 speed winch on our boatmate with a G23.
    Still a tough wind, think it due to the shape of the bow.
    We trailer all the time so lots of loading. With the trailer in with about 2 inches of water over fenders my wife brings the boat on to trailer usually stops about 3 feet short I then hook up winch strap take up stack till it's not an easy wind then back in further to finish it. It is a pain to keep boat centered when pulling out but with practice have it down to 2 minutes max total time on ramp when loading.

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      I have a buddy with a G23 and this winch. Gís arenít fun to load on the trailer no matter the winch. Now this winch may be better than the alternative, but still not fun to get that last couple inches to get it positioned correctly.

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        Blue that's the exact winch I put on my 18 G23 trailer after my factory one failed halfway through the first season. Winch you posted works well so far but can't speak for longevity as it's only been on part of a season. Seems to winch a lot better though and handle can be configured for different angles or leverage.

        You will still have to back down further in water to get it situated correctly as these boatmate trailers need some redesign IMO


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          I just put the DL 2600# 2 speed on mine. Seems great so far for getting that extra umf right at the end. I like for my boat to be pulled up tight to the roller always. (2019 G23) on our old boat (2017 G23) I put the ramp n clamp device instead of the roller. I also sprayed liquid rollers on the bunks. With the ramp n clamp and liquid rollers it easily locked in with just a little gas at the end. You do have to be careful with the liquid roller spray though. If you disconnect before in the water the boat will slide off the bunks. Ramp n clamp adds about 3 inches to the total length of the boat on the trailer and my garage is so tight I don't have the room for it... Otherwise I would have it on this boat trailer too.


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            Boatmate is using the DL on the new trailers. Pic:

            Click image for larger version

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