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Boatmate trailer problem with my 2018 200

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  • Boatmate trailer problem with my 2018 200

    I have a 2018 200 on a Boatmate trailer and it is rubbing off the gel coat on my front chins. Finding this to be a common problem. I float the boat on and off to avoid power loading pressure on the chin. This doesnít help. The problem is the fact that the bunks are right under the chins. Boatmate is slow to no response to my problem and have suggested a fix for loading issues. I told them it is not a loading issue and asked for their engineer to call me back to discuss. Iíve tried to be reasonable about this but they donít answer the phone and donít return calls. I get the occasional response via email. Iíve asked for a new rebunked trailer and they told me this wonít solve my issue. I just wanted to get this off my chest and call out Boatmate for their lack of response/action. My next solution is to buy a new Phoenix trailer and eat $4,500 that I just spent on the Boatmate in June. Any thoughts or experiences would help. Thanks

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    Pat, I have also been down this road with them in the past. Multiple calls and voicemails for almost 2 months. I finally called their parts extension and told the guy (I believe it was Mike) my situation and he put me on hold, walked over to the warranty guys desk and made him answer my call. Once I had him on the line, they went above and beyond to take care of my issues. You're welcome to try that approach. It's frustrating with the run around but it got me to my end goal.


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      Wish Nautique would make their own trailers or Ramlin would come back.

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        I had some issues awhile back and got a hold of a guy name Daniel Lubby I think it was and he made it right pretty quick. I did call the other day and have emailed them a couple times with no response. I wonder if they have been shut down for the holidays or something.


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          Buying a Phoenix will not solve your problems, and their customer service is the same.


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            I have had nothing but exceptional service from Boatmate. As for your issue, do you think the other trailer guys have figured out a way to not touch the chines? I have a 200 that I have trailered for years and have seen some wear in that location but do t see how it is avoidable. I have started to use liquid rollers on the two bunks that cause the issue.

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              I have seen plenty of other trailers that don't touch those chins. I have had some response from Boatmate in this issue in recent months but a solution is not here yet. They claim to have a fix in the works - we'll see.


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                I took delivery at the lake from my dealer yesterday. First time ever launched. When bringing it back I had the dealer drive it up onto the trailer. I asked him to back it off so my wife could practice driving it up on the trailer. When he backed off there were white streaks on the trailer boards. I immediately asked what that was and there was no known reason for what caused it.
                When I got home I got under the boat and found that part of the front chine was shaved off. Forwarded these pictures to dealer they were quick to agree to help find a solution.