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Replacing Bunk and Runners

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  • Replacing Bunk and Runners

    I've got a Ram-Lin trailer for my '06 SANTE and realized that the carpet is starting to tear on it.
    I was going to replace it and then thought, I should probably replace the wood runners along with it due to age. (Pressure treated wood unless someone suggests otherwise.)
    Looking at it, it appears there are two pieces of wood where the boat will rest, but wanted to see if anybody can confirm.
    Reason I ask, I am going to have to do this at a time when boat isn't on trailer, so want to know what I'm installing before I cut it over.

    Any details anybody has would be appreciated.

    Side note, to buy some time, I may put some new carpet over existing. Good or bad idea, or doesn't matter?

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    Mine had 2 piece. Just a small bevel cut there the frame angles in.


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      Where are you getting your carpet? I found the "bunk carpet" on NP website, but maybe this black carpet can be found somewhere locally? Thanks in advance.
      Mine needs replacing and would like to get it right the first time.


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        Local MC dealership sells it by the roll - Iíll probably just swing by there.

        Still trying to figure out how the wood attaches to the trailer. I donít see anything when I climb under the trailer. Makes me think that screws may be recessed in the wood and then bunk carpet installed on top of it. Anybody able to confirm? Pics always appreciated.

        Iím not doing this until Labor Day weekend when Iíve got the boat off the trailer for a few days while at a dock.

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          Originally posted by jamwill View Post
          Local MC dealership sells it by the roll - Iíll probably just swing by there.

          Still trying to figure out how the wood attaches to the trailer.

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          Carriage bolts. They're underneath the carpet.