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Single axle trailer tires??

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  • Single axle trailer tires??

    Whatís everyone running for tires on their single axle trailer? Iím in need of replacing mine on my 2001 SAN trailer. Only asking for what others are running because Iím not sure I should go back with what I have. I have 5 ply tread, 2 ply sidewall, load range D tires. My issue is that I am running them at 65 psi, which is what they are rated at, and they are always bulged out. Sitting still they have a slight bulge and if I hit any bumps at slow speed they bulge terribly and rub the wood on my inner fender guard. I use a couple of low maintenance boat ramps so I find myself on tougher terrain than most. I talked to a local trailer shop and they said the tires I have are the correct rating but thought maybe an 8 or 10 ply tire would help this issue. I thought going to a higher ply tire would help as well, but might be worse for the boat, as the trailer would probably ride a lot rougher.
    Any thoughts? Anyone else having this problem?

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    the new goodyear endurance has a higher rating and pressure max than the older marathons. mine are due to be replaced and going to them. also supposed to be manufactured in usa! I think there is a thread or two on this here.
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      I left Goodyear Marathons and went to Maxxis M8008 ST about 4 years ago after repeated tire issues with Goodyear. They were also a load range "D", but after some quick math I decided the "D" load range was right on the edge of not being enough when used with single axle. I went to the Maxxis which is load range "E" and haven't had a single issue yet.

      I'm basically running the same boat you are so I'm confident you should have no issues going to "E" load range tires.
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        Over the years I have unfortunately had many trailer tire failures. Right now I have 5 different trailers and I have had every single brand and problems with each. I believe the quality of most trailer tires is close to equal and failure is a result of age or non-use. I also bet most come out of the Chinese factor and are re-branded.

        If the trailer is running long distances I throw them out at 6 years regardless of how they look. I have found trailers that are run more often have fewer issues than those that sit. I have 2 boats on lifts so the trailers sit unloaded for extended periods and those are the first to fail. I now believe they need to be exercised...heated and flexed by running them a few times per year.

        You many not want to hear this core-rider but my last replacement was a set of 1 year old Maxxis load range "E" that sat on blocks, out of the sun and not run for 9 months as my boat sat on a lift. After 175 miles into a 240 trip I felt a wobble, pulled of the highway into a tire shop, jacked up the suspected tire and spun it in place it it was no longer round. I pulled it from the rim and you could see the tread separation from the interior. I checked the other tire and same thing. I would have never made it all the way home.

        When on the highway if you feel any wobble in the seat of your pants (in the steering wheel its the front tires) this may be an upcoming tire failure. Check your guide posts for vibrations, look at the tires for bulges or wrinkles, get into the right lane and slow down. You will typically get a subtle warning before they blow. Another great idea are tire pressure monitoring devices that will warn you of an impending failure.


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          Just replaced mine with Good Year Endurance. It is early, but so far so good. I think there is a thread on here about them.

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            The bulge is only at the bottom of the tire, if you are getting rubbing on the wood inner liner you have some other problem.

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              Go with the new Goodyear endurance tires - I have been running them for a year (I trailer every time I go out).

              Only trailer tire the has a speed rating (N - 86mph), made in the US, built in scuff guard.

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                Adding on to this thread...

                Need some input here. My spare tire blew out while sitting on the spare tire mount. Time a for a new tire and since the other trailer tires are about 7 years old, I was going to get new ones all the way around (single axle).

                My current tires are Kenda S550 series in a load range D. I have been very happy with these tires. My trailer place I trust, and have purchased multiple sets of tires from, has the Kendas but now carries the Gladiator product. The 'guy in the back' said they are better highway tires and last longer. I hate switching brands of tires on my vehicles and surely am not in the mood to switch tires on my trailer because the guy in the back said Gladiator is better. Anyone have experience with either. I know the Kenda tires were discussed here before, but I don't recall the census on them.

                My size is a 205/75/R15 and I use a range D.



                ***The spare tire that blew was not a Kenda, but a tire from before the Kendas.


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                  Update, it is a 225/75/15.

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