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200 Sport Nautique Jump Seat

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  • 200 Sport Nautique Jump Seat

    I'm looking at upgrades for next season and one of the options I that didn't come with my boat was the jump seat. The 200 Sport Nautique seems to be very sensitive to side to side weight placement and with the pylon mounted in the center of the interior this option would seem to be very useful when going out for those early morning runs with more than 3 people.

    I wanted to see what people with this option actually thought about it and if it were something they would purchase again. Also if anyone has actually purchased one I'd like to get an idea of the cost. I'm going to call my dealer later this month to see from them if they can still get one for me and what the cost would be.I did notice that the holes for the option are already there in the observer seat so I'm thinking this should be a fairly straight forward option to add.

    Thank you for any feedback you can provide.....

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    once upon a time i had the sales sheet with the part numbers of all the interior cushions for a sport 200 i had for sale but i have since deleted it it looks like. Nautique parts has it, Townsend or Michelle over there can take care of you. Pricing i don't recall exactly but a few hundred.


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      I have a call into Townsend. For a couple hundred dollars if for nothing else I'll buy it just to round out the option list on the boat. Seems like it would be a good option to have.