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Navigation light not turning on

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  • Navigation light not turning on

    My navigation light is not engaging when turning on. Iíve replaced the bulb but still no luck. This is on my 2006 - 226. Iím wondering if itís a blown fuse but havenít located the fuse box yet. Is it located behind the panel under the steering wheel?

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    My tower nav light is working just not my bow light.


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      If all your other lights are working (including nav tower light), its doubtful that it would be an issue with a fuse (or that nav lights have a dedicated fuse separate from other things, tho I could be wrong on that).
      I would say its more likely that one of your electric connections has corrosion on it and/or does not have a good connection. I would check the wiring at the bow light for corrosion/good connection and then trace it back to switch doing the same. You could also turn on the nav lights switch and put a voltmeter at the wiring where it comes to the bow light. If you have 12 volt juice there but bow light is not working, then also check the connection at the bulb to see if corrosion has built up. Pretty simple assembly to "go bad" but a sodder connection may have broken on bow light as well.