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  • Duel Batteries 216 team

    Hey i Am new to the site but not the boat life i own a 03 air nautique 216 team so i have the true inboard. I am looking to add a second battery because i keep draining my only battery with my stereo does any one have any ideas on where i can put my second battery and how to hook it up to some kind of duel battery switch please let me know asap thanks so much everyone

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    A basic 1/2/BOTH/OFF switch is about as easy and effective as it gets.


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      Yes i understand that i know what switch to use but i am just wondering if I can add my second battery under the passenger seat to run just my stereo off that battery. because there is no room in the floor to add a second battery next to the only battery in my boat


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        "and how to hook it up to some kind of duel battery switch"

        My bad, sounded like a 2nd question. Carry on.


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          sorry i worded that wrong i am just looking for some way or someone who has hooked up a duel battery to there boat like mine and how they did it