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Where is the second sub 2019 G23

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  • Where is the second sub 2019 G23

    So Iíve had the boat for a few weeks and am finally able to stop drooling and have been messing with everything to get familiar. I have the studio elite stereo package which Iím reading everywhere has two subs...have not spent more than about 5 minutes looking when I think about it but where would the second one be? The only one I see is in the passenger storage area. Also curious on the ď2 tweetersĒ location as these are mentioned as well. I figured the six in cabins were all mid/tweeter

    seems like a dumb question but want to make sure I didnít somehow miss it before I chat with the dealer Monday.

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    For what itís worth I popped the padded panel off from below the dash and stuck my head up there and do not see anything


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      The STBD side woofer is in the exact same spot as the port side.


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        those 2 tweeters are up in the dash at the base of the windshield??


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          MLA...any idea where the typical access point is? Found a post last night mentioning to look right where I did and you should be able to see it looking under the dash


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            pull front seat back, lean head in and look down and back