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OG 210 Stereo

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  • OG 210 Stereo

    I am looking to upgrade my speakers inside the boat. 2005 210. I currently have the Polk momo. What is the best speaker to replace with and is it easy installation? Also, what is the best sub to install and amp? I currently have a JL 10” sub and I think it is weak. I also have the WS420BT along with 2 tower speakers.

    If you have a lot of experience with this boat and it’s stereo please PM me. I would love to chat on the phone.

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    Best speaker? Lots of quality, well built marine speakers out there, in a variety price ranges.

    What specific woofer (model and coil impedance) and what amp is driving it? Ported, sealed or IB?


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      ​ This is what I have.


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        I can't see any of your pics, but if you have the stock 2005 Polk interiors, I'd start with a good amp first. That generation of in-boat Polks were in a different league (way better) than the more modern cheap Polk crap of a few years ago. I had a 2005 210 (with 4 REV 10's on the tower)and loved them once I powered them properly. Then, I bought a 2015 230 with Polks and they clearly weren't the same product ten years later. Not even close. I replaced them within a month of ownership. That said, depending on your hours and condition, yours may be old, crusty and tired.

        And for the sub... I had a custom box built under the helm (12" Digital Designs sub in a custom fiberglass/HDF box) that blew the hair on my legs back and sounded so good. Only thing that showed was the slotted port. Other than the slot, it looked stock under the helm. I'll try to find pics.


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          Wetsounds and JL Audio Marine are what i recommend for a lot of people. PM if you want to chat, I own Distinguished Motorsports, we are an authorized Wet Sounds dealer and installer.


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            Soooo there is one stereo shop on the lake that I am aware of. I have been advised that the Wetsound XXX12" along with the wetsound SDX2ch 1250 watt is the best set up for bass/woofer. Would you agree? I got the quote back and I think it is pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for. Thinking about tackling it myself over the winter. I already have a JL sub and arc audio amp installed into a WS420BT so most of the wires are prerun. It is good bass, but not great bass. I was going to pay someone to build a box. What is the best box to have built?


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              No, I feel the Syn-DX2.3HP is the better amp to pair with that woofer.

              With that said, what are your goals? Going from the marine 10 "to the XXX 12" with 1200+ watts rms, is like going from an Subaru brat to a Ford F450!

              Best enclosure? Ported that designed for the woofer and built for the marine environment.