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Chrome grills on the JL MX650

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  • Chrome grills on the JL MX650

    Getting ready to replace my six OEM 6.5 Polks with JL Audio and was as thinking about the chrome grills instead of white. Thoughts?

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    they cost more. other wise they are the exact same speaker and driver. i think the cones might be a different color, all the jl white speakers have a medium silver cones.

    looks wise, i think they look good in the combing pocket speaker areas. i like white too though.


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      I agree that they are the exact same speaker, but is the chrome worth the significant upcharge?


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        this doesn't show the bow set up, which were white MX650-sg-wh but gives you an idea of what it might look like. in my case on my old boat i had two pair of chrome MX650s i had ordered to replace polk tower speakers but didn't use because they had different bolt patterns. so i threw the chromies in the combing pads and used the remaining three pairs of white speakers for the front and two additional areas in the aft and midship areas.
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          the chrome is a definitely a lot more flashy. if i had a polished stainless steel tower i think it i might go with it. but its ultimately personal preference.

          as far as cost.... ehhh, you are paying an extra 80 dollar (!) just for the finish. i'd rather buy white sport grill and grab an aftermarket RBG led strip set up for each and set be less than the chrome.