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Is the JL Audio 6.5 a direct replacement for the OEM Polk? '05 SV211

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  • Is the JL Audio 6.5 a direct replacement for the OEM Polk? '05 SV211

    Would like to replace the factory Polks in the cabin with something a bit more robust. I've already installed the JL 7.7"s on the tower and figured the matching JL 6.5"s would be a good choice for the six cabin speakers. Is the sonic upgrade worth the cost, and are they an easy fit?

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    Usually all marine 6.5 inch are the same diameter. You should be good.


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      Thank you. For anyone who has gone the JL route, did the increase in sound quality justify the expense?


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        I was looking to replace my Polk subwoofer (2011 210) and I know the Polk uses 8 screws and the JL uses 6, so I would have needed to drill new holes. As I was short on time and the space is pretty cramped, I just replaced it with a new Polk. I would check that on the 6.5's. Obviously easier with the 6.5's


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          my experience with replacing polks with JL MX650 was that NO, they will not drop in. the number of mounting holes is different and clocked differently. my 07 236 required me to open up the speaker holes.

          granted, is was back when JL offered "wide flange" 6.5"s. it may have changed. ultimately a sander drum on a dremel tool would be up to the task. few minutes per speaker. took 30 seconds with a pneumatic drum sander.

          but its not going to be plug and play IMO. at the bare minimum, you will have to drill new holes for the JLs unless you get classic grills and even then, i think you still might.


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            Thank you. Iím glad you warned me about potential fit issues.


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              the M series are a true 6.5" outside diameter speaker, the MX series are 6.9", which is the "standard" marine 6.5". I bought four M series to replace my 6.5" polk on my tower speakers on my 2010 230 and the JL were too small for the cans. They DID however fit in cockpit speaker cutouts and were very simple to mount.