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2018 G23 Radio Does not work

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  • 2018 G23 Radio Does not work

    I realize I need to ask my dealer this question, but is there an initial radio setup that has to happen on these things? I've only used my phone for music, but when I was tired of messing with it one day, I tried to use radio and nothing works. It just says 0.0 on the tuning dial. Satellite is the same way. I went through everything that I could setup (I think) and no luck. I looked at the touchscreen settings as well as the head unit in the glovebox.

    Again, I'll ask my dealer this week, but thought someone here might have some insights that would be helpful today (sunday).


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    In glove box, hold settings for 2 secs. When menu opens go to diagnostics. Then hold play button for two seconds, it will ask to confirm reboot. Yes! This should reset the system and fix it