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LED Under Water and Transom Vent Lights Question

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  • LED Under Water and Transom Vent Lights Question

    I recently purchased a 2014 G21 and am interested in adding LED underwater lights as well as LED transom lights. I believe the boat is pre-wired for both..?

    On the transom lights, there is an empty plug visible in the rear locker (starboard side as I didn't check Port) that is labeled CT-25. I am guessing this stands for "Courtesy 25" or "Courtesy Transom 25" (where the 25 is a designation on what plug number it is...) ? Can someone advise here? Also, are these difficult to install? I bought them on Nautique parts and used the PND discount, but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations. It would seem that if the boat is pre-wired, it would be plug and play and then a dealer code in the LINC to activate those plugs..? .

    On the LED underwater lights, I have been reading on here and have found that the OEM lights appear to be more expensive and maybe not as bright. That said, I'll likely have the dealer install those no matter which ones I buy. I would however, like to keep the controls for them within the LINC system. Is this even doable with after market lights or do you have to go OEM in order to stay within the LINC setup?

    Any insight on both questions would be appreciated


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    I have used Shadow Caster SCM 10's and love them. You can get solid color or multi. They are not the cheapest but theres a reason. I am sure you will get several responses.


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      The wires are on both sides i believe blue with green line they are tie strapped to the group of wires on each side of the transom


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        So after further investigation, I do have the transom lights already, but not the underwater LEDs.

        I know there are plenty of threads on here about which lights are best. I just want to be sure whatever I get hooks into the linc system and is controlled that way. From reading on here I also see that you need a dealer code to change that setting.

        Can anyone confirm that shadow casters or Roswells can be controlled thru the main LINC screen ?


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          Liquid lumens


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            the circuit can handle at least 10 amps you are good with any brand


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              Brand shouldn't matter... It's just a 12v circuit... The Linc doesn't know what it's powering at the end of the line


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                "Can anyone confirm that shadow casters or Roswells can be controlled thru the main LINC screen"

                Any single color light(s) can be turned on and off via the LINC. However, as indicated above, you have to make sure the light(s) you go with, do not draw more then the circuit was intended for. if in doubt, a single 12V relay will eliminate the load form the LINC PDM.