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  • Looking for a Sound System

    I am looking to replace my 1999 196 Stereo System. I am looking for a bluetooth compatable head unit that can slide in to the factory DIN. Additionally, I will want to be upgrading my speakers too. I know a lot of guys want to upgrade from the factory system, so even a slightly used unit would be fine with me. Any suggestions on packages you have put into your boat would be appreciated! I never realized that being on the lake with out music is not optimal until recently!

    Thanks everyone in advance!


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    Here you go:

    Head unit - Sony MEX-XB100BT or the newer MEX-XB120BT (I run one in my Jeep)

    Speakers - Polk db651 (top mounted in factory locations)

    Baffles - 6.5" foam baffles from XTC or Boom

    Optional subwoofer -

    Pretty much what I did with my 1998 SN and it sounded good enough to keep me content considering my 211 that has 4 amps, 3000 watts, 10 speakers, and 3 batteries. Don't want to add much weight to a slalom boat.

    Hook up the stereo so it turns on when you turn on the ignition circuit breaker so it doesn't lose pairing everything you shut the engine off.


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      Optional speakers but these will require you to enlarge the factory hole, the tweeters on these mount to the grills as opposed to mounting on a pole piece. This allows them to produce better bass and be more waterproof -

      The Polks fit if you just remove the PVC sleeve holding the mesh allowing you to return the boat to factory again if you decide to remove the speakers at a later date.


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        Thanks for the input! Where would you put the subwoofer, in the 1999? Also what are the foam baffles for and how would I use them when the speakers are in the comming pads?

        what about these speakers? I I appreciate your help!

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          you should ask yourself... do you need a head unit? I when with a "Low Cost" EQ with Sub control and Fade Control along with a Roswell Bluetooth interface. This works Great because I only use Spotify or preloaded music on my phone. only thing I wish I would have done is add a switch so that I can Cut the power to the interface (it is the does the Delay turn on for the amps). where the Head Unit was will be become a Phone Pocket and Ballast Switches.

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