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Hail Damage: Interior replacement needed -- 2002 Air Nautique

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  • Hail Damage: Interior replacement needed -- 2002 Air Nautique

    Hello All,

    Hope this is the right place to ask hereís the situation:

    Two weeks ago the family and I were out at the lake and didnít you know it, we got hit by a hail storm and not just one, but two hail storms in 2 days. Great times! We filed a claim with Progressive and late Wed (25 Jul) the adjuster came and looked the boat over.

    Most of the interior is a wreck now and the Perfect-Pass was taken out as well. The adjuster took pics and is going to call and see what can be done and what will be covered. I gave him all the information on my current Perfect Pass and the contact info for the company, additionally, I gave him the contact info for C&S Marine and Christians Marine. He identified heís going to try and look at local shops and informed me I need to do the same. And this is where Iím running into some difficulties.

    We live in a very small town, Clovis, New Mexico (zip code - 88101). Do any of you know of a good reputable interior shop that isnít on the other side of the country? Iím willing to drive and get it fixed the right way. I can deal with a couple hundred miles to travel...just have to convince the wife. I would like to stay with the original design and color scheme for my boat, so the whole custom redesign is not really what Iím looking for. Any help you all can provide me would be very beneficial. Thank you in advance for your assistance.



    Here are some pics to see what we are dealing with.

    One of the actual storms...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_2520.JPG
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    Interior results...rear of the engine cover.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20180728_112359.jpg
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    Bow seat
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20180728_112445.jpg
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    Front of the engine cover...shows what my interior use to look like. You can see the hail damage on the top of the cover.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20180728_112517.jpg
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    Insist on OEM skins from C&S. Once you have those, any good upholstery shop can install them.



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      Agree with Charles....any good upholstery person can work with the skins


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        I am surprised they are covering those seats it looks more like dry old vinyl on a boat left out in the sun to me ?