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Volume for Tower and Sub stuck @ 50 max. <--- FIXED

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  • Volume for Tower and Sub stuck @ 50 max. <--- FIXED

    I have tried eveerytthing. Unplug replug harnesses, reboot, batteries switch on off, reset default settings, check check, sw version up to date. duck me please advise

    brand new 2018 SAN 210 , first trip

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    Sorry to hear that. Im having issues with my head unit as well (2018 210) but not that. Ive had issues with it not emitting any sound as well as not saving settings
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      Ok I got the lowdown from JL audio tech. Here is what happened. Its a software glitch. Two ways to fix. Immediate fix is to reboot the head unit. Hold settings for two sec to get into menu. Go to diagnosis and u will see version info, at that point hold play pause for two secs. Confirm reboot.

      Problem solved

      now now if it returns ,

      reloads the Jl headunit software via usb. Files online on their website. Three of them. Put in usb and insert into glove box head unit USB port and reflash the unit software and that should permantly fix it. Mine was fixed with a reboot and many dont see any more problems.

      apparently when they download the software at JL they have been having some troubles in the download process with their computer and its caused a glitch in the software they have yet to find in their download process. Therefore the quick fix is the reboot and he said for many this fixes all the problems. IF it returns he suggested reflashing the head unit no matter the version even if current as this will resolve this problem. Its not the linc, its not the JL hardware or software, it was a problem in their downloading process with their computer and flash drive process that they are still trying to debug,,,,,, but these will fix the issue from an end user standpoint....
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        mod, if you would be so kind to change title ending from WTF please .FIXED!

        Or anything alike, thanks for your time and support.


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          Zride - I am glad you got the problem solved and thank you for sharing what you have learned for others. Getting a new boat is exciting but little problems like this sure can be frustrating.

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            Originally posted by Zride View Post
            mod, if you would be so kind to change title ending from WTF please .FIXED!

            Or anything alike, thanks for your time and support.
            Awesome! Thanks for coming back out here with the fix. We see a lot of threads started with something broken and never get the resolution. Chances are, someone else will run into this problem and hopefully they'll find this thread.