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Rev 410s - 2 rookie questions

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  • Rev 410s - 2 rookie questions

    How much better are the 410's over the OEM JL 8.8s? Is it 5% better or 50% better - trying to get a feel.

    Presuming they are much better, if I wanted to install a pair of 410's on a 2018 GS boat, and there is no Wetsounds dealer/installer close by, is it best to order the boat with just the Tower Prep Kit (ie the JL tower amp and tower wiring) and then install the speakers myself?

    Or go the far more painful route and have to rent a truck (& trailer) and trailer the boat a long way to an installer to do all of the tower amp, wiring and speaker install?
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    This is a comparison between four 10" driver and four 8" drivers, so yes, their is a significant difference in both volume and mid-bass. The Rev-410 is top of the food chain in terms of output and sound quality. Sounds awesome close up and still projects to wake range.

    I would not worry about the tower or anything else being prewired, it would likely get upgraded any way. You will want proper gauge cabling for each rev-410 through the tower and make sure the amp cabling and its circuit protection is ample. IMO, this is not going to be a plug n play or even a simple install. Purchase through a reputable, knowledgeable Wet Sounds dealer that can answer your question before, during and after.


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      How do you compare a 6-cylinder engine to a 10-cylinder engine? You really can't. A pair of Rev410s have 2/3rds more surface area than two pair of 880s. Plus a similar ratio increase in pod displacement. Plus a compression horn tweeter, that if untamed, could broadcast to a fully occupied auditorium. Add to that, if and when you add the Rev410s, you will certainly use considerably more amplifier power than you would with the 880s.


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        In laymans terms I would easily say over 50% power. The Rev 410's are in my opinion the best speaker out there for sheer output . I wouldn't even bother getting the prep kit. The amps are not going to be enough to power the 410's. You'll need new amps anyways. You're boat will require some wiring upgrades To handle the power those produce. Just as important .........a proper tune with that much power. It's not a simple " swap and connect". So my advice would be go to a reputable installer. You'd be paying for premium gear and want the best sound possible out of it, so pay the extra for the pro's in this case to do it right
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          Thanks for the feedback - particularly swatguy. Very helpful!

          The price for the OEM and Wetsounds are basically the same, but I suspected the performance was not. What I didn't appreciate was that the 410's would need substantially more power/drive from the amp than the OEM/JL amp.

          Will nowhave to find a good installer - anyone know a good installer for Wetsounds in Southern Ontario/Muskoka?
          2007 211TE - Lovin every minute of it


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            I posted a video of a pair of rev410's in another thread. Not for sound comparison, but of a walk around on a customers boat I built.


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              A well ~130% overpowered set of Rev410s is roughly equiv to 3 pair of equally well powered Rev10s... or probrably 8-10pair of the 8.8s.

              rev410s well powered and tuned are insane. But their Pods are massive, I don't ever see them hanging off any of my towers.
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