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  • JL Audio MM100s

    Will the new JL Audio MM100s head unit sync with the Linc Panoray on a 2017 boat? The Polk head unit is a complete disaster, especially with bluetooth connectivity.

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    Nautique is supposed to be offering a kit fairly soon to retrofit a '16 or '17 to the MM100. Not sure of the warranty status of it....... but they do know there is an issue, and they will at least be offering the ability to change over.

    Right now the MM100 doesn't interface with LINC. I have already changed my head unit, but I just added a helm remote, and use that. I'd rather not use the screen, but will be cool when my LINC is updated and I can use both.


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      is there an update available yet to use it with LINC?


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        Just recently installed the MM100s on my 2017 G23, it is working just like factory, Spokane Audio did the work


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          it works. I had it installed on my '17 GS20. Dealer had to do a software update to Linc.


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            I would like to put the new jl head unit in my 2015 the polk always has noise I believe its has to do with all the zone control