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Error 6 on cd player

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  • Error 6 on cd player

    My stock Clarion CD player keeps showing "error 6" when I try to play cd's. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
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    RE: Error 6 on cd player

    What model of clarion?


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      RE: Error 6 on cd player

      That's happened to me. As for the the '04 models, it sometimes has trouble playing burned CDs. Most of the time, it doesn't. But, when I burn a CD using Windows Media Player, the boat along w/ other CD players has trouble w/ it.

      Also, in the back of the manual it has a list of all the errors and what they mean....
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        RE: Error 6 on cd player

        From the manual, on the XMD1 and XMD2, error 6:

        "This indicates that the CDís TOC (table of contents) cannot be read, for example because the
        selected disc is upside-down."

        I could not copy the text from the manual for the XMD-3 but the error points to the same cause, the disk is loaded upside-down.

        If you have a CD changer, this error is also due to the disk being upside-down.


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          ReError 6 problem

          I had this happen on my XMD1 in the end i sent it to a Clarion service centre and they told me the laser was faulty had it replaced and it plays all discs now
          hope that this helps


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            Error 6

            because by reading to the disc tracks not clear,fix;clean the lens of the laser head/if can't ,adjust the bias of the laser head,
            (a small trimer volume near the laser head);if can't ,change laser head,the above is an AV technican rout check for read error CD player.hope above can help.


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              Need correct type of CD

              If you're trying to play a CD that doesn't have the small "Compact Disc Recordable" label screened on it, the player will periodically display Error Code 6 and not play the CD.

              A CD I purchased had this problem. I solved it by copying the original CD to a disc that had the "Compact Disc Recordable" label and it works fine.

              I found this solution in the Clarion user manual