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    Being intimately familiar with vBulletin, I am not sure if this makes me a good a or bad resource. But, I would like to suggest two tweaks to the settings that would at least make my life easier.

    1) Increase the session timeout. I find that while making longer posts or replies, my session expires and I am logged out. This also happens if I step away from the computer for a bit, requiring me to log in. It would be nice to see a longer session timeout, maybe 2-4 hours. The downside is that has the potential to make the who is online feature a bit inaccurate, but I don't see any real harm.

    2) Decrease time between searches for authenticated users. When going back an forth between a list of posts, etc. I frequently get the "you must wait x seconds before your next search". For those that do some fast toggling between screens to look at posts and such it would be nice to see this threshold reduced some. Ideally less than 5 seconds, but even 10 would be greatly appreciated.