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  • Shore Station question

    We have a 4,000lb SS lift that we used with our old boat. We purchased an '02 SAN & I think we are at the top of the weight limit for our lift. I was just wondering what is the difference between a SS 4,000 lift & a SS 5,000lb (or 6,000lb) lift.
    And would it be possible to just run stronger cables in our current lift to make it a 5,000lb or 6,000lb lift?

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    hydraulic lift? Hyhdraulic lifts from the same company sometimes use the same hydraulic system (pups and valves) for 'some' different capacities. An 02 210 'wet weight' should be a just barely under 4k, but A full tank of fuel alone adds around 300# to a dry weight of 3200 (if I remember right). So add oil and other typical boating things and yep you're right below it. How old is your current lift? Metal fatigues over time and using a lift right at the weight limit often, can make it wear and more susceptible to damage. I had a lift that I used close to the limit for several years (never over) and I stated seeing stress cracks, and had premature wear on the pins. I found a 10k hydraulic that had been lightly used and re-habbed it and have no worries at all now. Best of luck sir.