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Lake Mead and Havasu spots?

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  • Lake Mead and Havasu spots?

    Taking the family on a road trip this summer and we are hitting up Lake Mead and Havasu. What's the best spot to launch from at Mead and Havasu and best spots to tent camp? We will be with another couple and 4 kids (17, 11, 9 and 7). Don't want to get all crazy into the party scene at Havasu but also would like to see what makes it so popular. Also heard of a "lighthouse tour" at Havasu on the lake? Has anyone done this? Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    We are in Havasu, have been mostly since March 20 when the vid came out.

    Can post up some stuff for you if others are interested, or you can call me... I will PM you my number. Site Six is free but can be VERY busy on the weekends in the summer (as in, one time last April it was an 8-hour line just to retrieve their boat on a Sat evening). IMO, its worth paying the $20 ($10 weekdays) to launch at the marina. Or avoid the island altogether and launch at the State Park:

    There are lighthouses (replicas) all over the lake, but I would put Topock on your list and run through the refuge - its a must-do by boat. There are plenty of things to do by water around the bridge, but if you are wanting to avoid the crowds/party I would do that during the week.

    Camping - its kind of mess. State park is your better bet for facilities (vs Crazy Horse where it is jam packed). You can camp outside of town, but youre in the desert. I would maybe consider packing your gear and camp by boat? Just a thought... can put more stuff down as I think of it.


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      Thank Jph3,
      After looking at the campsites there and the weather at that time we are thinking tent camping might not be the best. And yes, I agree with you, will probably spend the $20 to launch the boat instead of waiting in a long line. We looked at the London Bridges resort, that looks like a cool place and fun for the kids too. Have you been there? Also, I saw a casino on the west side of the lake, how long does it take to get there by boat from the island?


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        Got your PM... figured I would reply here as well for others to see. If you are looking to avoid the channel/busy scene, I would avoid London Bridge Resort for that reason. Something like the Hampton Inn, and launching from Windsor (State Park) would prob be your best option? A little off the channel, has a new pool and free breakfast

        Yes you can get to the casino in all of 5 min once on the water... also they run a shuttle boat for $2 (I think) out of the channel - it goes straight to the casino and back.