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    Iím looking for info related to developing my own ski site. How much land do I need, how to acquire the water, design help, etc. Anyone on here help with any development at Radar Lake, Swiss Ski School, TBS?
    Iím tired of our local lake being so busy that you canít ski because there are boats and rollers everywhere you go. As far as I can tell, a private lake is the only answer.
    Any input on how well the ski communities work out (developing a ski site and selling lots surrounding it)? Any other options/ideas?

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    My friends dad did it. Heís a civil engineer and is partners with maybe 4-5 others who own the land and lots on the water. If itís not all yours youíre probably going to need a lawyer to write covenants, civil engineer to help pick the plot and design it for drainage, excavators / graders to build it, landscaping to surround it, and not sure on size but I think water is approximately 10-12 acres. Not counting surrounding land and lots

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