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  • Need your opinions please

    PN team. I am struggling with this as a competitor and a Dad. My daughter was in a surf competition this weekend, 8 years old, and we feel it was clearly unfairly judged. If you could take 20 minutes and watch this FB feed and give me your opinion on places based on rider order I would really appreciate it. I just want to see if I am way off base or should justified in my feelings.

    Thanks in advance for your time and opinions.

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    I skipped through it and thought the first one on a neon yellow board and the girl on a blue board about half way through were the best two (in that order). Disclaimer, I know nothing about judging a surfing competition.


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      Yellow board was the best, then the 3rd girl and then blue board. Blue board was really good at carving but didnít really have much variety.

      Just remember itís all about having fun!!

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        It is about having fun for sure, but I am not the everyone gets a trophy for showing up kind of guy. Our daughter works hard and looks forward to competitions and honestly, water sports is the only thing she is driven and focused on. So whether we think itís important or not, finishing the highest she can is important to her. Certainly not the only thing that is important, but we also teach hard work in anything pays off regardless if itís a sport, school or work. There were certainly several teaching moments as a result of the competition so overall it was a great success.

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          I didn't watch at all, but I would share this experience.

          I took karate as an adult for 10 years. Like many karate dojo's the students pictures were grouped on the wall along with their rankings. In other words all the 9th kyu students pictures were together, 8th kyu together, etc.

          The day after an exam I would come in early and see if my Sensei had moved my picture to the next higher ranking (which actually is a lower number, but that is not the point). I was looking at the board to see if I passed.

          Of course many times I did NOT pass, and my picture did not move. But other students pictures moved. They passed. And often times I reflected on the pictures on the wall and who was in the grouping I was in and who was in the grouping one lower, and who was in the grouping one higher.

          And once I got the nerve to ask my Sensei. Why did such and such person pass and I did not? Why is such and such person a higher ranking when I am better?

          He said each test (in your case this competition) is not an exact science. There will be students that are better then you that are ranked lower, and their will be students that are worse then you that are ranked higher. In general the rankings are accurate. Time spent focusing on improving your own skill, and attitude will move you along.


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            Yea, I am mush better at subjective than my wife and daughter are. I am an architect and made it through the subjectivity of architecture school which my wife could only stomach one semester of. I said the same thing to her and judging not being an exact science and it will never be perfect.

            I appreciate the responses and will continue to encourage through self want from her instead of competition ranking.

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              Yellow board won for sure

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