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  • Wakesurfing called out

    Link below to article in the local paper about our local Marine Patrol that keep the peace on our state lakes, in particular the states largest lake that I'm on. Wakesurfing is called out as a nuisance. Nothing new here but this summer in particular I've been out on days where there's been up to 6 wakesurfers out at one time in our relatively small bay. Makes it pretty sketchy for everyone including the pleasure boaters just trying to get through the bay.

    The growing popularity of wakesurfing – in which the rider skims along the wake of a boat – is causing another problem. Boats are carrying additional ballast, or weight, so that they ride lower in the water and create a bigger wake.

    Alie pointed to a nearby boat with a boy surfing its wake. “See the size of the wake that boat is throwing?” Alie asked. “It’s creating a wave, just like in the ocean. The kid is not connected to the boat in any way. He can go for miles that way as long as the wave is created.”

    The boy was enjoying the wake, but some other people might have a different opinion.

    “Now you see the remnants of the wake, it is rocking boats and could erode property, beaches and shores,” Alie said.

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    Gonna be a matter of time . It’s getting worse here in our state . I love wakesurfing . But not wakesurfing in a tiny narrow cove with docks on either side .

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      Unfortunately many fellow wakesurfers do the sport a disservice with their lack of common sense and courtesy. I mean if you see a guy trying to enjoy fishing, go surf somewhere else.

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        Common sense is a big part of this.

        We have a smaller lake where all the public hangs out and it can get really crazy. I totally avoid that and go out into the main area where there is a couple sheltered spots. The only time I ever go surfing in the small area is when the wind is too strong or there is nobody else there. But I also try and stay away from the side of the lake with docks.

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          Random side note: One day we were wakesurfing as a Marine Patrol boat went flying by at about 65 mph about 200 feet off my stern. Turned out he was responding to a medical emergency, leg laceration from prop.

          They drive these pretty sweet ridged hull inflatables with twin 300's. He hit my G23 surf wake and got the entire hull air-born. He gave me a casual wave as he went by knowing full well how awesome it was.


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