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Surfboards for older boats (OG210)

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  • Surfboards for older boats (OG210)

    Iím still new to the surf scene and I am looking to buy a board that will help me and not hurt me.

    Still building the wake but I want to get something that will have enough push to keep me in my smaller wave.


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    Just to clarify no board will have push, that's the job of the wave. I think what you mean is more glide?

    Larger boards with less rocker will have more glide. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

    The other consideration is skim or surf style? A skim style board will have the most glide and are best for rotational moves. In my opinion a surf style board is more fun because they excel at slashing style turns, bigger airs, and rotational tricks (albeit a bit more difficult).

    It would be best to answer/consider these factors before choosing a board.

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      Ha...along with my wake trial and error, we've done the same with boards. At 150-170 lbs, my sons who like the extreme sports, can surf anything they step on even smaller boards behind our 03 (we have a Byerly Action that works fine for them). Their 185 lb dad however, has bought a couple boards in search of something to receive that push better. I tried a Happy Pill 410. It has large fins is very thick but stubby. I can ride without the rope but it's usually a quick ride and does not seem to be as forgiving as the next board. Then I bought a Hyperlite Broadcast 5.4. This is the boat favorite, even by the younger riders. One of my sons can get off the rope with my nephew on the board with him the combined weight probably goes 250lbs. As long as we aren't getting pounded by other wakes, I can ride this board endlessly.

      Someone had a couple of these for sale on this site not sure if they are there any more. Not an expensive board and I highly recommend having one for us guys with the older 210's.

      Was also thinking about a Hyperlite Landlock. Even bigger and it looks like it would be fun to cruise on.

      Anyone want to by a Happy Pill?


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        Can't go wrong with the Broadcast. It's the go to board for beginners and those looking for a "boat board" guests can use and not tear up your $900 custom board. If you can't get the Broadcast to run, you need to focus on getting a better wake.


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          Sorry my noob was showing.

          I am 200lbs at 5-8 and have wakeboarded since high school and pretty athletic.

          I bought a liquid force rocket (because it was cheap) and I just canít seem to keep in the pocket on my OG210(albeit a small wave on an old boat)

          Iíve surfed rope less on Axisí and G21ís and started attempting 360ís when riding behind a boat built for surfing, but have only been out 3 or 4 times on those boats.

          For right now Iíd like to try and keep with the wave and not have to hold tension on the rope. Our lake is shallow so keeping the rope for when the wave washes out will be a must I feel for now, but Iíd like to not hold on with as much force.

          Iíve seen the chart for Hyperlites that layout the bird based on the type of boat youíre running (direct drive with stock ballast, vdrive with extra ballast, surf boat) on wakemakers ( )

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            If you don't have 10' depth you're going to have a hard time as every boat I've ever set up has needed at least that depth. The other thing I would recommend is a wake shaper. I wasn't a fan for years until this latest boat (2016 200 Sport Nautique). I'm running the Mission Delta II and it made a world of difference. This is not a big boat by any means and is a quite competent slalom boat yet we've had a lot of luck getting this boat to surf well for us (I'm 6'1", 225lbs and use a Phase 5 Model X). We're having good luck running at 10 MPH with 2 half full 165 lb. bags (either side of the motor) and the shaper. If I can surf behind this boat with this set up you should be able to do the same with a similar set up, given you have the and depth. If you don't have 10' you're going to have problems.

            Hate to say it but if you have 10' in depth it may be time to start looking at "the Indian and not the bow". We've even been able to get my BIL's Malibu Response to surf although it's by no means great. If that boat will surf, yours should as well.


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              Thanks [mention]bturner [/mention] ... I am running a Swell HDX3+ and I get an OK wave, still working on getting it dialed in.

              We have a couple different runs around the lame that are deeper but we max out at 15í-18í for depth on the deepest, usually closer to 8-10 on average.

              I we do have a pro on the lake whoís mapped out the water depth pretty well, and we can get some good runs in, but Iíve heard with a smaller wave itís critical to get a board that provides that glide to help out.

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                JAppler, Adam with SWELL, I had the same boat, surfed very well with the added ballast, we had 750's in each rear locker, 400 in ski locker, and 450 integral bag in bow. we also ended up putting 150lbs of lead in each rear locker and 150 lbs on surf side in bow, the bow weight really cleaned up the wave. Not sure your ballast setup but it can surf great, and all that weight made a SICK wakeboard wake!


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                  I have an OG 210 and picked up a broadcast for under $200 and have been pretty happy with it.


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                    Dropped the rope with the Broadcast... it was a worm out but it happened...

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