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Preferred aftermarket wake enhancement

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  • Preferred aftermarket wake enhancement

    Looking at all the options for an aftermarket surf gate. Which ones do you recommend?

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    I have a Mission Delta 2 that worked well last year but I wouldn't call it a surf gate. Most consider and call them wake shapers. Past the stick on type there's are only 2 "systems" that I'm aware of and I personally have ruled out both due to cost and extensive modifications required. Kind of hard justifying a $3K - $4K investment on an older boat that will add little to no value and may actually devalue the boat when you go to sell it later.

    But then again that's just me. It could be the perfect solution for someone else.


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      InfinityWave surf tabs are half the price of the GSA/Wakemakers. Where you save is it does not have a fully automated console where you push "surf left/right".... rather you have buttons to manually deploy and lift the tabs. However there are some very cost effective ways on WakeGarage to make them automated if you have the technical knowledge.
      I installed the InfinityWave surf tabs on my boat last Spring and was very happy will all aspects, well worth the money for this upgrade IMO.
      I am looking into building an automated system this year but the manual works just fine too.

      Previous to that I used a Nauticurl suck gate which worked very well.

      Pics below
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