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  • Ronix RXT Board & Boots

    I got the chance to ride the 2019 Ronix RXT board, and boots. Thought I'd give my impression, and see what you guys thought too. I've ridden the Riot Nova core quite a bit this year so I'll sort of be comparing the 2 boards. The riot is light, fast, easy to break free but bites on edge. The RXT is also light, bites hard on edge, I can't tell if it broke free easier, but it was definitely faster. Or easier to build & maintain speed. I think the speedwalls on these Ronix boards are a huge plus. Seems like you don't have to cut as hard to be able to build the speed. I was over shooting the wake almost every jump. The board pops too. I like continuous rockers with consistent take off. So the rocker felt at home to me. My buddy rides the Ronix One, and he was getting huge pop too. He liked it so much he bought the RXT.

    Salesman couldn't tell me what is in the board. The bars you can see are rods..he did tell me that. And the foam is apparently unique to this board only. I don't know if it's foam or PVC, but they said no other board uses it. It is very light. It's super fast and consistent. The board reacts fast too. Anyway, let me know if you guys have ridden it.

    The RXT boots are awesome! The heel hold is perfect. The flexibility is really great on these. No hot spots or pinching. The toe box is a little more open than other Ronix boots. You can feel airflow on your toes. They say the material inside promotes blood flow, to prevent cramping. My feet did not cramp. Right out of the box they felt like a nice worn in pair of boots. Really really comfy