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    So got a chance to look at the Ronix One Timebomb vs. the One ATR. Timebomb has a diffferent core but other than that they are both the same board (albeit graphics). Weighed them both and the Timebomb is nearly a pound lighter than the ATR. To me that seems like a lot, but I am coming from riding an older ERA Ruck board.
    I do little more than wake to wake with a rare 360 and like a double up boot every once in a while too. What's the thought on that much weight difference? I know I rode a another lighter board of a friends and the difference was for sure noticeable. Maybe I am just being too picky...

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    I’ll start by confessing that I am a beginner rider and can only do W2W Hs currently. But I have been researching boards as of late as I am in the market for a new board and the Ronix TB and HL Murray are the two I landed on. However, the new 2019 Ronix RXT also has my attention.

    Anyway, the extra weight of the ATR will probably only be a hindrance if you’re capable of 9’s or have sized up so dramatically that the board’s weight is very high relative to the weight of a board of more conventional sizing. And even that is debatable. If guys like you and I need a lighter board to land a 3, then chances are we can make significantly more gains by improving technique than reducing board weight. That’s my opinion anyway, right, wrong or otherwise.

    I think the TB has more than a weight advantage for really good riders and that is the pop it gives relative to the ATR, which has nothing to do with weight but rather, construction. Personally I think at our beginner to intermediate level, we wouldn’t get any benefit from a TB. Rocker and other features will be more of a consideration. Only reason I am considering a TB over the ATR is that I want the green bottom on it. Lol

    Good luck!


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      More to the difference than just weight alone. The time bomb has noticiceacly more pop off the wake due to the carbon stringers. Especially if you’re edging properly and charging the wake. The materials also give you a softer landing. While not a night and day difference. Definitely noticeable to intermediate/advanced riders


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        There is some good info here, but also some mis-information. The One board shape is the same for Timebomb or ATR. Both board have carbon fuse stringers in them. The difference is the core. The Timebomb core is PVC and the ATR is foam. If you get a chance, go to a pro shop that has both baords. Place both boards on the ground face down, so they create and arc. Gently step on the ATR to flatten it and release. Do the same for the Timebomb. The PVC core wants to pop back MUCH quicker. It might even pop off the ground a little. PVC is a much more reactive material which blasts you off the wake. That is the main difference. PVC is also lighter, which is why the board is about 1 lbs lighter.


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          Thanks for the info gents, I just ordered a Timebomb and am looking forward to sailing across the wake soon!