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  • Barefoot Rope Type

    What type of rope do you guys use for barefooting? Lake Elmo sports has the 90' low stretch HDPE TAC line for around $50 while the spectra 95' is $130. Is there a noticeable difference between the two for barefooting?

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    We use our wakeboard rope. Itís a ronix . Donít really notice much difference for me

    People think Iím crazy footing behind our 210 but only happens about twice a year.

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      Iím not much help as in just use a common ski rope. I will share that one day the guys on my lake stared with seeing who could barefoot with the longest rope. I think I ended up at just under 400í with most of it dragging in the about stretchy!!!

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        I like amsteel the best and can make your own pretty cheap. Can watch how to make proper knots watching YouTube Vids.

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          The elmo TAC is fine, but the Spectra will have slightly less stretch (which probably won't be noticeable for footing). The new TAC isn't quite as good as the original stuff from 10/15+ years ago, but it's still good stuff and cost effective. If you go with TAC, you'll want to do a little pre-stretching. Put one end on a trailer hitch and reef on the handle end for a while, or go take some laps on combo skis with some deeps to load it up. Once they get the initial stretch in, then they're good to go.

          I personally run hollow core Spectra for footing, but I also got a screaming deal on some bulk stuff years back and built my own. My old TAC line turned into my wife's swivel ski rope, and is probably a solid 20 years old by now and still gets heavy use.

          All that being said, the only time I like being 100' back for footing is barefoot lines for show-skiing where we need the width. I probably foot closer to 75' or so, as I prefer the narrower wake at that length (but it depends on the boat)