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  • Review - Hyperlite / Varial Boards

    Thought I would share that the Varial Surf boards from Hyperlite are the real deal. We have had a Varial Riot out for a few sessions, and it is hands down the best board we have had behind our boat. Well worth the price point. We are lucky that we can demo boards from a lot of manufacturers and this one stands out. I love that they use the Futures fin boxes, as it allows us to use some speed generating Futures F4 Blackstix - a great set up for this board.

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    Funny you wrote this post. I just left my local go to shop of 20 yrs and we happen to be talking about Hyperlite’s move to offer such a high end “out of the box “ option when custom boards seem to be the go to for high end surfers. Unfortunately they don’t demo the new high end line strictly based on price point reasons . We were both wondering how they would ride . He’s sold hyperliter gear since they started producing wake gear.

    I love my Shim and I have demoed pretty much everything every produced by Hyperlite and Byerly , except for the new Automatic and the new high end series . Good to hear a great review, but price point will keep me from snatching one up at this point.
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      Blueroom what part of the NW are you in?

      If you like the varial boards I have something that so far all of the people riding the Varial stuff have said is hands down better all around.

      Delending on where you’re located I can set you up with a demo.


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        Dgee - I sent you a PM. Would be interested in talking.

        swatguy - We have an Automatic as well. We really like it. It is fast and a fun surfer. It is probably similar to a Liquid Force Dart (we have a '17 Dart) but maybe a little more speed and way better durability. Hyperlite has really stepped up their surf game and we have been impressed with them.

        I know that Hyperlite does some Varial demos here and there, and that the smile factor is pretty big once people get on them. Given that Varials are made in Ventura I kind of lump them in with some of the more custom builds. Varial foam has an advantage in that if water breaches, the foam does not degrade like other standard foams.


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          blueroom - Funny, I just tried the riot and the trifecta (last year) behind my G23... I found the riot to be a step down. I find it to be a slower board than most I have ridden. I have soulcraft SoS for $850 and it's faster and more maneuverable than the riot in my opinion (running black stix as well). Would love to see if you get a chance to ride a SC what your thoughts would be. In the end, it's always wave, rider, experience and personal preference. Nothing feels better when you finally get the board and wave dialed in.
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