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  • Best dock?

    What is your favorite dock and why? I'm in the market for a dock, and a search here didn't give me anything. There are many manufacturers and different options, from wood to aluminum, and from plastic wheels to metal wheels (or stay away from wheels?) Max depth needed of 8 feet, and I would like the option to add onto it later most likely. Any manufacturer offer a better value over another? I don't want a floating dock due to it being just off the main lake and seeing plenty of waves on the weekends. Any other considerations I have not thought of? Any help is appreciated thanks!

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    Composite decking is a great option.
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      Well the first thing you have to do is see if there is any kind of regulatory body that controls what you can and cannot build. Most lakes have these. Once you have that, you can decide how big you can go and other details.

      As far as composite decking goes, there are a LOT of options and you'll most likely be limited by what your local building supply place carries and which ones your local contractors are trained to install.