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Need wakeboard handle- durability Key

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  • Need wakeboard handle- durability Key

    Broke my 3rd Ronix Handle in just over a year this past weekend on a camping trip. Pretty sure that I'm out of warranty but am going to check that before I buy another. What would you guys recommend based off what you have used/have or whatever. I have to say I kinda wanna shy away from Ronix, and I need nothing fancy like a wrap handle or T-bar. I could care less if it is a carbon handle or soft style just something that is going to hold up. Thanks
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    Anything from Accurate.
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      2009 Proline faction - I loved the samller bar size and shape, but it did not float and ended up sinking and cathcing on something that gashed the handle - proline sent me a new LGS as a replacement (see below). Overall, this was my favorite handle except for the floating issue, which Proline was aware of and I am assuming fixed with the newer models.

      Proline Synergy - while waiting on the new LGS handle, I bought this one. The handle seemd to peel reather quickly for the light amount of use. It floated and was ok, but did not seem to hold up well.

      Proline LGS - I have rotated this one into service and so far so good. It feels like it has better quality and is floating nicely. The only thing I don't like is how thick the grip is. The one they sent has "straight" stitching, so it is a bit puffier, and I like the narrow feel of the faction. I have not felt the other patterns, but from what I understand, the ones with tighter stitching patterns are thinner. If this one holds up in the long haul. I will probably get another one with tighter stitching.

      Short answer - the LGS might be worth a try since they can be had in the $60-70 range and seem to be well built.


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        I personally like the Straight Line Amoeba Featherweight. The grip is very soft, comfortable and doesn't seem to break down very easily. When it does break down and a new grip is needed, all you need to replace is the grip, not the whole handle. I think the grips cost about $25, which is better than $80-$125 for a new handle. I have been using the Amoeba for the past four years and I've replaced on grip during that time.
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          These are new and will keep you from breaking your arm from bad handle passes!


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            Thanks for the input guys. That T handle is wicked, not sure if I mean wicked awesome or wicked weird but I would like to try one. Ended up going back to my local shop and the guys were awesome and traded me out for a RONIX one handle. I was technically out of warranty but they said they would make Ronix deal with it. All I have to say is CBK watersports is my pro-shop for life. The guys are customer oriented first and concerned with the details later. Now if I can only get them to pick up a Nautique line.

            On a side note I just rigged up my gopro camera to my rope about 5 feet up from the handle. I will post pics later and give it a try tomorrow. Should be a sweet shot if it works as planned.
            1990 Sport Nautique