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Plastic Mesh Sleeve to protect pylon

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  • Plastic Mesh Sleeve to protect pylon

    I have been searching for a place that sells the plastic mesh sleeve that protects ski pylon when using extended pylon. I talked to Skylon 1-800-418-1616 and they have them in packs of two for $10. I thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for them.
    '97 Ski Nautique 176

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    Skylon Sleeves

    They are not so much to protect the pylon as to make the Skylon pole snug over the pylon. I have a yellow one and I think a white one and I don't have the Skylon. PM me and you can have them for shipping.
    Nautiqueless in San Diego


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      Thanks but I went ahead and ordered them. I couldn't find anyplace that sold them by themselves so I just wanted to let anyone know that was looking for them what I found.
      '97 Ski Nautique 176


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        Sleeve protectors still available

        I could use them if still available. Thanks


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          pylon sleeves

          I have two a yellow and white that came with the skylon, and I can't fit the skylon over either of them.

          My pylon was already all marked up from the prior owner but I still can't get it to fit tight. At times the rider will get in the wake just right and the vibration will come up the line into the skylon and make irritating noises...

          Any clever suggestions?

          1991 Sport Nautique