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Add Bimini board storage Pockets?

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  • Add Bimini board storage Pockets?

    Iíve seen a couple threads on here, but nothing as far as a referral company. I have a Ď14 G21 with the fold out bimini. I really like the bimini, but would like to be able to store a couple boards up top like the newer biminiís can. Does anyone know (or could Sewlong do this?) if you could reinforce the material and add a couple spots for surf or wakeboards?

    Ideally, they would look very similar to the newer biminis or at least clean and ďOEM lookingĒ. Given the material is slightly different though on my Ď14 bimini compared to the new ones with storage, I feel like some sewing in a reinforcement piece of Sunbrella or something along with some storage straps would do the trick. I also know that I canít just buy a new bimini cover, as the shape is not the same for the Ď14 as it is for the ones with built in board storage.

    Any thoughts on who could do this or pics of someone who has done it already? I canít be the first person looking for something like this...


    PS- this site is great.

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    I left my Bimini with an upholstery shop to do this, just sent some pictures of what I wanted and we will see how it turns out! I will post pictures when I get it back.

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      Great. Thx ! Let me know. I emailed Sewlong too. Iíll share what they tell me if they respond.

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        I contacted Sewlong Covers and they were prompt to respond. They are not taking on these types of jobs however it appears. They suggested to find a local fabricator in your area who might be capable/willing to take on a job like this. Let me know if anyone has any other suggestions. thanks!