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Snow load on G21 cover & bimini

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  • Snow load on G21 cover & bimini

    I'm getting my '16 G21 ready for my first winter with it. I'm in Colorado so snow's on the way.

    On my prior boat, I built a support to go under the cover. The G21's cover already has a pretty robust support system . I have the two poles with straps holding the cover up. I'm trying to decide if that's enough for a foot or two of snow. Also, the way the bimini stores on these seems risky. That could hold quite a bit of snow & it's all supported from one side.

    I'm considering getting an over the tower cover or shrink wrapping; but if the stock cover does fine with snow I'll just stick with it.

    Any tips from those who have already been through a snowy winter?


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    I stored my Super Sport outdoors in the winter for 12 years but never with the cover on it. I built a support skeleton of 2x4s and covered the boat with two tarps (layered). Then I would wrap the whole thing with pallet wrap to keep *most* of the moisture out.

    I think you are asking for trouble with an expensive cover. Can you find anywhere to store it for you? Around here indoor winter storage runs $350-$900.


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      The day I can’t afford to store my boat inside is the day I sell it.
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        Get it shrink wrapped. Otherwise you’ll pay the piper in the spring. Especially with Colorado winters


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          Shrink wrap with the tower up, but make sure you remove the Bimini. Thatís the only way to get enough pitch to shed the snow. Iím north of you about 8 hours and that worked well last winter. I have since moved the boat into a heated storage for the winter.

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