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  • Angola Cover - 95 Sport

    Just thought I would throw up some pictures and say a few words about Angola. I purchased my Sport in 2013. It had a 100% cotton angola cover. I unfortunately do not have indoor storage in the summer, only winter, so the cover has seen 4 years of MN summers. The previous owner had indoor storage. I have no idea what the cover went through with him but the tag says it was made in 2008. I did not know proper cover care techniques until recently. Long story short my cotton cover was basically no longer waterproof and mildew took over.

    I contacted angola to have a new cover made out of black 100% polyester. I contacted them to order on a wednesday. The cover shipped the next friday! cover, plus shipping was $470. My only small complaint was a mix up with some extra fabric that they were suppose to provide so I could modify the cover to fit my tower. (A monster tower, ugh, I know) All that was worked out in a little bit of a drug out time frame, but all is good now regardless. Angola said they could modify the cover if I were to give dimensions but beings I had the ability and equipment to handle it myself I did just that.

    Angola told me the cover would be made out of the same pattern as my previous one. For whatever reason the new cover runs a few inches under the rub rail whereas my previous cover hugged directly underneath it. There are pros and cons to this, but overall I am satisfied. pros are that the new cover is tight enough in the bow that I do not feel the need for a pole. cons are that this cover is a touch looser in the swimplatform than my old one.

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      Update: I have so far been real happy with this cover. Although its been super dry here this summer. 3/10th of rain in the last 6 weeks. Today it started raining at about 2pm. Decent dump of rain. I got home from work at 4:30 pm and had no pooling on the cover at all. I picked up the sides of the cover to see if the top of the gunwales were wet. They were damp from what I would assume could be condensation? I grabbed a flashlight and stuck my head up under the cover. This is where I got a bit bummed. My boat had a line of water across the floor/seats running port to starboard underneath every major seam of the cover. one seam runs across the back seats, so those were wet. another seam runs over the top of the doghouse, so that had water on it, etc.

      Is this normal? My previous cotton cover from angola did not do this. The cover was old and would get saturated with water and get the boat damp, but never outright leaked water into the boat. I can see how a cotton covers seams would get more water tight than polyester but this still seems kind of ridiculous to me.


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        Do you have a cynch type cover to tighten it. I have a 97 sport. I have an Angola cover and always wondered if I could take the string out and put a rachet strap in it and tighten it down that way.
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