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Towing with the cover?

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    So I was dewinterizing and clean my boat. Saw the spot cause by the cover zipper letting loose and was reminded of this thread. Here is what it looks like. Also this isn't a one time deal. That particularly zipper let's loose every time.

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      My new 2017 G23 factory ordered tow/mooring cover is an Outer Armor Vacu Hold! It even has access to all 6 boat cleats and all 6 fender-pro's while the cover is on........Awesome cover!

      Just spent a few hours of Interstate towing and my sons were following me. They said the cover's vacu hold worked great, the cover got tighter to the boat as it went into motion and it almost seemed more like a shrink-wrap than just a cover.


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        Jeff, do you have to remove your board racks to fit the cover on with tower down? My instruction manual indicates racks need to be removed to fit. Thanks.


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          And that ^^^^^^ is why you take advice from folks that pay full price for their boats, full price for services and repairs as a regular guy.

          taking advice from folks that are so insider their commentary isn't based on reality.

          i will say it for the 100th time. If you tow with your covers at highway speeds 50mph+ you will chaffe your gel and/or scratch your towers.

          if you trade your boat off every 6 months, get free professional detailing as part of that deal and have walk in concierge service to work off your issues.... your opinion is not consistent with what "regular real owners" have to deal with.

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            Well, last weekends project, I had hauled my boat by the professional boat delivery hauler who knows how to properly support the boat and how it should be balanced, stabilized, and secured. I had also ensured the safety of my boat by covering it with boat covers which can keep it strong and look as new as it could be. I think you should go through online sites and search for the best boat covers that can fit out your boat and will not let your boat fade away due to wear and tear caused due to exposure to harsh conditions.
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