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1995 Sport Nautique

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  • 1995 Sport Nautique

    I picked up the Sport Nautique today! We had a couple small hiccups... the hitch was frozen in the back of the truck after driving through a huge snow storm. The wiring for the lights was incorrect and the LED lights were shot. That took a few hours and a couple trips to automotive stores to rectify.

    There's a fun story with all of this... but I'll save that until the end. Here you are guys... because I know you love pics!

    also... I realize this boat is a Sport not a Ski

    IMG_1482 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    IMG_1480 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    IMG_1486-1 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    IMG_1488 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    Purple rub rail! More about that in a bit.

    IMG_1483 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    Here's where the story gets cool. We make the deal, sign papers and exchange money. The
    seller hands me the keys with a cool blue Ski Nautique floatie on it. I flip it over and it says Century Marine from AZ. Keep in mind... I'm in northern Saskatchewan and I woke up to 20*F temps this morning.

    IMG_1471 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    I sent that pic to a friend you used to work at Century and he forwarded it onto the long term staff there and they remember selling the boat in 1995.

    And it gets even cooler... the first Nautique I ever owned was a 1996 Sport Nautique in VERY similar colorway... also sold by Century Marine who remembered selling that boat as well. Here's some pics of that boat:

    IMG_2217 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    IMG_2855-1 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    IMG_4478 by Dwight Kinley, on Flickr

    I think it's so cool that these boats received colored rub rails.

    Over the winter I'll be installing a tower and hopefully a bimini. Thanks for following this thread