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On Fire - Checking In With Meagan Ethell

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  • On Fire - Checking In With Meagan Ethell

    Jan 07, 2016

    In 2015, Nautique athlete Meagan Ethell took a major step forward in her career proving that what everyone has seen coming has officially arrived and is here to stay. She not only dominated the Nautique Wake Series but also solidified her regard as the most talented female rider to ever step on a wakeboard. A fierce competitor from a young age, Meagan takes to the water with the drive, focus and energy seen only in the worldís best athletes. Her approach to training and progression are unmatched. Over the past several years she has certainly come into her own as she keeps getting better and better. Although she is only 18 years old Meagan is a veteran in the sport and has been steadily climbing the ranks for nearly a decade. While some would fold under the pressure, Meagan just seems to be having the time of her life.

    How did you get into wakeboarding?
    When I was eight years old, I asked my dad if I could try wakeboarding because we had an extra wakeboard at our lake house in Michigan. So I tried it and decided I wanted to become better. Bill Boston was my first-ever wakeboard coach. He runs The Boarder Line and he was the one who taught me how to wakeboard behind a Super Air Nautique 210. I would say I truly got into wakeboarding when I came to Florida for the first time for Nationals when I was about nine or ten. I saw what it took to really be a good wakeboarder from watching everyone ride at the event.

    When did you first start competing?
    I started competing when I was about nine. Bill at The Boarder Line had a local competition on his lake, and that was my first contest. After I came to Orlando for Nationals, I started to compete in most of the WWA competitions.

    You had a huge year! How was this season for you competitively?
    This year was defined by the success of reaching the top step of the podium. There were two contests that I didnít make the finals and that was really hard for me to take in. It put the pressure on me to recover from those and win events to stay out front in the overall Nautique Wake Series standings. It was a really fun year and everyone is just getting so good. Being able to ride behind the G23 at the Nautique events is huge for all of us because no one has to hold back. The wake is always perfect and everyone just charges!

    What did you do different this year?
    I definitely stepped up my riding and put harder tricks in my contest run, but I also think that I stepped up my mental game this year. I focused on staying a lot more positive and more confident.

    What are you doing in the off-season?
    Right now itís a little more laid back. After all of those contests you just kind of need a little bit of a mental break and also to give your body a break too. Right now Iím focused on off-season training, which is a lot more time spent in the gym working on making myself stronger. Once I get back into riding every day again my focus will be on new tricks and making my run stronger. So right now Iím focused on working hard to prepare myself for that.

    What approach do you take to learning new tricks?
    When I was younger I worked with my coach Mike Ferraro on everything first. Now Iím to a point where Iím wakeboarding with my friends more and theyíre pushing me. Itís been really good for me to take a different approach to learning by getting out and trying new things on my own. If Iím having a really hard time with something Mike is always my go-to and he helps me figure it out. Getting the G23 has been huge for me because I have the best boat in the world set-up and ready to go in my back yard and people are always excited to come ride behind it. I guess I just have more people and more things in place now to push me, which has been awesome.

    Tell us about Victoria the G23.
    Victoria is the first athlete boat I received from Nautique. I can remember that day so clearly. I went to the Nautique factory and started freaking out because my boat was real. That was the first pink metal flake boat Nautique made, so I knew it was really special. My friend Robby started calling it Victoria and it stuck, then I created the hashtag #VictoriatheG23 and it has sort of gained its own following. It has gotten to the point where people just casually will ask me when we are going to go ride on ďVictoriaĒ and it amuses me that people actually refer to my boat by its name. Itís going to be hard to give my first boat ever back to Nautique because I had so many great memories on it, but Iím really excited to see what awesome adventures I have on my new 2016 G! The new one isnít pink so if anyone has any great boat name ideas Iím open for suggestions!

    Meaganís 2016 Super Air Nautique G23

    I could seriously write a five-paragraph essay about riding for Nautique, but Iíll keep it short and sweet. I definitely, definitely, definitely, would not be where I am without Nautique. They were my first big sponsor and the first company to really believe in me; thatís something that Iíll remember forever. Nautique is unreal with all the things that they have done for me, as well as for the sport, while staying genuine. Thank you Nautique for providing me with the best boat there is, supporting me, and putting on the Nautique Wake Series. Again, I wouldnít be where I am in my sport/career without everyone there!

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