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Replacement windshields for older Nautiques

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  • Replacement windshields for older Nautiques

    Hi all. I have a 1997 Super Sport, and broke the right side windshield. Nautiqueparts has most models for $800 per side, but not for the SS. They did confirm that Correct Craft has one, but I have to buy the whole thing for $2700.

    I have a message into TaylorMade on replacement availability, but I fear a custom pattern order is likely more than the CC price anyway. Does anyone have successful experience with that route? I haven't heard back from them, and their online chat never came out of "an agent is on the way."

    Obviously, I'd love to hear of available units salvage if anyone has info on anything like that. I'm in the northeast, and would drive fairly far to get one if necessary.


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    Windshields for any boat is going to be tough to find once the manufacture is out of stock. In your case finding a windshield for a 24 YO boat is going to be really tough. I've heard the Taylor route is super expensive but if you want glass that's about the only game in town. I've heard of people going to plexi with good results for a fraction of the price. Other than a place like Copart I personally don't know of many places that do anything but crush and dispose of older boats and Copart would want to sell you the entire boat. You'd think someone would be in this business but I think the market is just too niche and they'd have to charge a fortune for the part as well just to stay afloat (pardon the pun).


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      Yes, I saw the older threads with the same dilemma. I guess I'm fortunate that one is available, but the price is eye watering. The boat had been laid up for a long time after I didn't winterize early enough, and the windshield is going to cost more than the remanufactured engine. (For those still running fords, I found a rebuilder on ebay that happened to be local. The net was far lower than repowering with a GM motor)