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Tips/tricks for 2008 230 steering cable replacement

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  • Tips/tricks for 2008 230 steering cable replacement


    Boat is in the harbour and now finding out the steering is tight.
    Need to replace the steering cable as it is still the original from 2008.

    Anybody has done it before on this type of boat? I did it 15 years ago on 210, but what I remember was that the cable was fixed with ty-wraps on unexpected places. Very annoying. As I need to do it on the water 30min from home I want to be prepared as good as possible.

    My current idea is:

    1. Remove cable from steering wheel
    2. Remove 1x rear ballast tank for access below engine
    3. Remove cable from rudder
    4. Attach wire on the rudder end of cable and pull back from steering side
    5. Compare old/new cable
    6. Pull back new cable with wire from steering side to rudder.
    7. Attach everything back
    8. Drink beer

    Is the cable somewhere attached below the floor? Can I keep in the fuel tank?

    Thanks, Tom

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    230 with ZR6 running on propane

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    I just did one on my 08 210 . I had to remove the floor and gas tank to gain access to the zip ties holding the cable to the stringer.


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      3a: pull up all the flooring you have access to so you can cut 1,000,000 zip ties.
      7a: replace 1,000,000 zip ties

      The 230 isn’t that bad. You do have pretty clear access for the most part.


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        Ok, don't mind to lift the floor. But I do hope I can skip the fuel tank part. Just refuelled it with 240ltr .

        I'm not afraid for the 1,000,000 zip ties, but there is always one you don't see and you don't have access to .

        Ok, for the 230 it is pretty straight forward then. Just need to luck out on the zippies.

        Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G975F met Tapatalk

        230 with ZR6 running on propane


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          3b : If the boat has a heater installed, disconnect one end of each hose and pull them out of the duct.

          3c : At the rudder end of the cable, push the cable into the sheath to make it as short as possible.

          3d : For the first couple of feet, push the cable in from the front to the back. Once you're past the turn, use the rope or whatever you have to pull it the rest of the way.

          6b : If you have a heater, run the hoses back through and reattach them.