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Engine compartment divider foam?

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  • Engine compartment divider foam?

    After going several years without my port divider on my 2007 211, I'm finally going to make a new one. Finding a pvc sheet was easy, but I haven't been able to secure 1/2 thick foam to adhere to it. Anybody got any ideas?

    All the acoustical foam I see is 1" thick or more. High density foam is commonly 1/2, but the density and texture aren't similar at all to the factory foam.

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    I'm going to answer my own question here for any looking for this. The most similar product I could find is 1/2" upholstery foam. Once you search those terms, there are plenty of sellers on ebay and amazon but ebay had the better prices and shipping times. The pieces Im getting were about $15/each for a 30"x55"x1/2"

    I was having such a hard time finding this earlier because I was searching for acoustical/soundproofing foam.
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