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what parts am i missing (5.7L PCM)

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  • what parts am i missing (5.7L PCM)

    Hi everyone, I'm currently restoring what i believe to be an early 80's Ski Nautique.

    Its been quite the struggle, left it somewhere to have the engine looked at an over time it was stripped and transmission disappeared along with lots of other bits. Anyway, to date i have bought

    - 5.7L PCM (ford 351) engine from an early 90's Ski Nautique
    - V8 transmission/oil cooler
    - Borg Warner 1:1 (71C-R) transmission
    - Bell housing for ford V8

    1. The engine had parts removed and i'm trying to work out what i need, please see images of what i have an how it looked before it was stripped and sold to me.
    ( There appears to be some sort of header tank next to the rocker cover that then goes to the back and connects into something else that also connects to the two cast iron parts on either side.)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	engine 1.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	engine 2.png
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    2. I have a flywheel, bell housing, velvet drive and cooler . . . . what do i need in order to connect it up to the engine. Am i right in saying its some sort of damper?

    inside the boat when old engine and transmission were removed.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	inside.png
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    Any help or info at all would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards

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    You have parts of a fresh water cooling system normally used in salt/brackish water. Rather than have the water your in cool the block it uses a heat exchanger 11A in the diagram below to transfer block heated antifreeze to the raw water. That is mounted on the starboard side of the engine below the height of the sparkplugs. Connection in the back top is a T where the water from the outlet of the heat exchanger gets diverted into the exhaust manifolds. This is called a half system because the manifolds are still cooled by what ever water your in. You also need the Y, 16A in the picture and the surge tank, 1A. You could eliminate all that if you could find the parts in the second and third pictures,but then your engine will be cooled by what ever water you are in. First is the upper and lower thermostat housings,supposedly the lower is still available,upper can be found used sometimes. Third picture can still be bought new.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks very much for this Gary that clarifies a lot, what you have suggested is how the older engine was.


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        Sorry I didn't answer your damper question- this is the exact type you need no matter where you go to get it. Also your engine is referred to as a 5.8- a 5.7 is a Chevy Drive Damper Flex Plate Marine Triangular for Volvo IO Ford and GM 120-8-1446 [ALTDA-106A] - Triangular Drive Damper Flex Plate Assembly for Velvet Drive 71 1017 & 72 1018 Series for GM engines with 12.75 Inch flywheel (Starter Will have 1 long and 1 Short Bolt). Works for all small block Ford applications such as PCM and Indmar. Used on volvo Penta GM 305 350 Engines